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Bamert Seed Staff’s Favorite Native Plants

Texas Wildflower Blend Natalie Ingle If you ever meet Natalie, you’ll find her to be a very colorful, outgoing person, and truly a proud Texan! All of her favorite native seeds are found in our Texas Wildflower Blend. Natalie wants everyone to experience a life full of vibrant color, and this

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Seeds Are Life

When our customers are looking to grow specific native species that they request or our specialists recommend, many wonder what the seeds actually look like. Getting all the details, even knowing the appearance of the seed,  is important before making these big decisions! Blue Grama Buffalograss Sideoats Little Bluestem Big

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Sideoats Grama

Cool Season Grass vs. Warm Season Grass

Cool-season grass, and warm-season grass. These are terms often used in the native grass industry. You may have heard them too, but sometimes they can be a little confusing. If you have ever wondered whether to plant cool-season grass or warm-season grass, keep reading as our Bamert experts dive into

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5 Principles of Soil Health

Rainfall is one thing landowners cannot control. That’s the bad news. But, here’s the good news. The amount of rainfall is not the determining factor when it comes to soil health. Rather, it’s the rainfall retained that truly makes a difference. Here are the 5 principles to help maximize every

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6 Steps to Successful Seeding

Successful seeding can be achieved, but as with any endeavor, it takes planning. There’s nothing more satisfying than achieving the results you’ve hoped for when you place seed in the ground. And when you have the six necessary components for successful seeding, you can plant with confidence and expect the

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