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Biodiversity is Key!

Since the beginning of Bamert Seed Company in 1951, we have been rooted in the belief and knowledge that the market needs more diversity. In the early days of the native seed industry, blends usually consisted of a limited number of plant species. At Bamert, we’ve taken a different approach. Today you can find blends specifically suited for various types of projects — each offering 10, 15, or even 20 species of plants. So what’s our approach? Diversity. Biodiversity is key!

In conventional farming, biodiversity is seen as a hindrance to the growth and prosperity of farmland. Their enemy was mother nature, who was continually trying to add biodiversity back into the earth while farmers were continually fighting against it. Instead of fighting the natural process, Bamert Seed works  with biodiversity to improve the viability of the land and enhance water retention.

We embrace biodiversity by reintroducing critical principles and processes, and managing these ecological processes. Using and managing the correct plant varieties helps our customers manage their nutrient and water cycles. 

In some people’s eyes, the biodiversity aboveground looks messy and dirty, but from an ecological point of view, we are seeing exactly what we want to see. We want to see heterogeneity. All the different types of grasses, the various structures, different growth forms, and abundant growth curves are what help not only our biology above ground, but below ground as well. The best insurance we have against drought is in the assortment of roots and biodiversity that all intertwine under the soil. 

Learn about one of our customers’ efforts to embrace biodiversity and the effect it has had on their operation.


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