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Native seed providers for over 65 years

Bamert Seed Company was established in 1951 in Muleshoe, Texas. With practice, care, and determination, the business is now a leading conservation partner. As an industry leader, Bamert Seed Company provides seed and consultations to landowners and land managers for reclamation, restoration, conservation, and wildlife habitat enhancements. Our arid climate and supplemental irrigation provide excellent growing conditions to produce the highest quality native seed on the market.

Bamert Seed Company’s dedication to providing the best has allowed us to offer over 400 species of high-quality native grasses, forbs, and legumes. The species and varieties that we produce have been carefully selected to match the soil and climatic conditions of the Southern Great Plains and beyond, making them adaptable to most areas in the Southern US. Our seed has a wide variety of uses including reclamation, prairie restoration, pollinator habitat, DOT projects, conservation programs, wildlife habitat, and wildlife food plots. As a Texas seed company, we produce around 90% of the seed we sell on our farms in the Texas panhandle. Our people and processes allow us to have great confidence in our product.