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About Us

Native seed providers for over 70 years

With over seven decades of experience, a team of experts armed with innovative strategies in production and reclamation, a legacy of growing knowledge, our own production fields, and a state-of-the-art seed cleaning facility, Bamert Seed is ready to meet your every need.

Bamert Seed Company was established in 1951. Each decade since then has resulted in more experience in producing native seed, a growing team of experts, and experimentation with the most innovative techniques in cleaning and production. Since 1951, we have become a leading conservation partner.

First and foremost, we are producers of native seed. Our arid climate and supplemental irrigation provide excellent growing conditions to produce the highest quality native seed on the market. Our dedication to providing the best has allowed us to offer over 400 species of high-quality native grasses, forbs, and legumes. The species and varieties we produce have been carefully selected to match the soil and climatic conditions of the Southern Great Plains and beyond, making them adaptable to most areas in the Southern US.

As an industry leader, Bamert Seed Company provides seed and consultations to landowners and land managers for reclamation, restoration, conservation, and wildlife habitat enhancements. Armed with our experience and knowledge, we have produced products and custom blends that are perfectly suited to a wide range of uses including reclamation, prairie restoration, pollinator habitat, DOT projects, conservation programs, wildlife habitat, and wildlife food plots.

No matter what native seed your project requires, our team can help you choose a native seed or native seed blend that will help you achieve your goals. Because of our people and our processes, you can have the highest level of confidence that our seed will meet your needs.