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With seven decades of experience, a team armed with real-world strategies and a plethora of knowledge, our own production fields and a state-of-the-art seed-cleaning facility, Bamert Seed Company is ready to deliver seeds to meet your every need.


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Reclamation Blends

Right of way and other reclamation plantings can be challenging. Our reclamation blends can help overcome these challenges and help keep your project on schedule.

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Pasture & Prairie Blends

Grazing grasses & blends developed for your production requirements. Whether seeding a livestock pasture or native prairie, we have the grasses to make your project a success.

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Wildlife & Pollinator Blends

Blends for attracting & sustaining wildlife & beneficial pollinators. Improve your property’s habitat with a planting that provides critical, life-sustaining habitat.

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Urban Habitat

Attract pollinators, birds and butterflies or entice wildlife with a welcoming habitat in an urban setting. Whether your goal is to restore wildlife habitat or achieve beautiful aesthetics with a native species, the solution can be found here.

What We Do

As the need for high quality native seed has evolved over the past several decades, Bamert Seed Company has adapted to better supply our ever-expanding customer base. We offer a variety of native grasses, forbs, and legumes that are well suited for wildlife habitat and grassland restoration projects and require very few inputs, unlike most introduced species. We are experts at helping you select the seed that is adapted to your goals and your region’s soil and climate.

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