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tractor planting seed in a field

6 Steps to Successful Seeding

Successful seeding can be achieved, but as with any endeavor, it takes planning. There’s nothing more satisfying than achieving the results you’ve hoped for when you place seed in the ground. And when you have the six necessary components for successful seeding, you can plant with confidence and expect the

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Bermuda Grass

Monocultures — 3 Reasons to Steer Clear

While a monoculture might sound like the easiest way to address land management challenges, be wary of “silver bullet” solutions. A monoculture is the cultivation or growth of a single crop or organisms. In the case of grasses, they are typically introduced species. It’s tempting to fall for the promise

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man moving seed bags with forklift

Tips for Reading a Seed Bag Tag

Whether you purchase a one-pound bag of grass seed at a chain store or a 50-pound custom blend from Bamert, your seed bag will include a seed tag. These tags are required by law to protect the consumer and provide information about what they’re purchasing. But if the buyer doesn’t

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Engelmann Daisy

Engelmann Daisy: Species Spotlight

Engelmann Daisy is part of the “Big Four” of perennial forbs native to Texas. It will offer the same great benefits of the other desirable native species we’ve discussed in our series thus far. However, Engelmann Daisy—Latin name, Engelmannia pinnatifida—features some distinguishing differences to set it apart from the other

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a light on the ground with leaves on the ground

Leave the Leaves

This fall, put away the rake and forget those lawn bags. It’s time to leave the leaves and give your garden all the benefits that come from letting the leaves remain. We know it’s the norm to get the leaves picked up, bagged, and sent to the landfill, but when you

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Maximilian Sunflower

Maximilian Sunflower: Species Spotlight

Diversity is key to a healthy, thriving ecosystem. If you’re going to have to have a lot of variety, you might as well include a show stopper.  Maximilian Sunflower shines as part of the “Big Four” perennial forbs with similar nutrition and nectar sources. Maximilian Sunflower—Latin name, Helianthus maximiliani—has its

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