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an open pipeline on brown dirt

Don’t Waste Money by Going Cheap With Your Seed

By Rob Cook, Director of Business Development, Bamert Seed When undertaking a reclamation, right of way, or construction project, some of the biggest concerns during and after the construction are stopping and preventing erosion, restoring the hydrology of the site, and the other site work needed to reestablish the vegetation.

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deer with antlers in a field

Best Food Sources and Habitats for Animals

Butterflies, bees, and birds are drawn to these native blends because they provide food for pollinators and have beautiful aesthetics. Texas Wildflower Blend  Bird & Butterfly Blend Honey Bee Blend American Magic Wildflower Mix Deer enjoy these native blends. Many of them offer winter forage for all animals and high

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a prescribed burn of a field

Prescribed Burning

Prescribed burning is used on many native habit types to achieve specific resource management goals and objectives. The technique that we use for burning is classified as a “ring fire.” A ring fire consists of a backfire, a flank fire, and a head fire. It’s essentially encircling the entire field

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adding biodiversity to optimize dryland to improve natural habitats

Biodiversity is Key!

Since the beginning of Bamert Seed Company in 1951, we have been rooted in the belief and knowledge that the market needs more diversity. In the early days of the native seed industry, blends usually consisted of a limited number of plant species. At Bamert, we’ve taken a different approach.

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close up of wildflowers

Bamert Seed Staff’s Favorite Native Plants

Texas Wildflower Blend Natalie Ingle If you ever meet Natalie, you’ll find her to be a very colorful, outgoing person, and truly a proud Texan! All of her favorite native seeds are found in our Texas Wildflower Blend. Natalie wants everyone to experience a life full of vibrant color, and this

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whiplash papusgrass seed

Seeds Are Life

When our customers are looking to grow specific native species that they request or our specialists recommend, many wonder what the seeds actually look like. Getting all the details, even knowing the appearance of the seed,  is important before making these big decisions! Blue Grama Buffalograss Sideoats Little Bluestem Big

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