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Best Food Sources and Habitats for Animals

Butterflies, bees, and birds are drawn to these native blends because they provide food for pollinators and have beautiful aesthetics.

Texas Wildflower Blend 

Bird & Butterfly Blend

Honey Bee Blend

American Magic Wildflower Mix

Deer enjoy these native blends. Many of them offer winter forage for all animals and high protein for deer. They include mostly perennial species, which require little to no annual maintenance.

Wildlife Habitat Blend

Native Treats Blend

Spring Turkey, Quail & Deer Blend

Rack ’em and Rut ’em Superior Fall Food Plot

Quail and turkey enjoy these native blends, which offer structural nesting cover, habitat, and shelter for ground nesting birds. These blends have the diversity to be a primary food source for most of these animals, as well.

Upland Bird Habitat Blend

Cereal Grain Food Plot Blend

Spring Quail, Turkey & Deer Blend


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