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Will This Seed Grow Here? Seven Items to Consider in Seed Selection

You may find yourself thinking, “Will this variety grow well in my garden/field in ___________? (Fill in the blank with your location.)”

Whether or not a certain variety or species will thrive in an intended area is a question we receive season after season here at Bamert. While the locations vary, we always respond with the same answer: “Call one of our specialists.”

That’s because Bamert experts have years of knowledge and understanding in the industry and endless experience with native seeds. Our specialists will take the time to learn about your project and then make recommendations based upon the location you will be planting. 

When you’re ready to talk things over with us, you can expect our specialists to ask the following to help choose the variety that will offer the desired results. 

Will This Seed Grow Here? The Considerations

  • Soil type: There are many different soil types, and each one has a different effect on seeds being planted.
  • Project size: Certain seeds must have so much room to grow or so many pounds per acre.
  • Equipment: What type of equipment do you have access to? The equipment you use to plant seed may set you up for success or failure. We created a blog post to help you learn more about equipment frequently used for planting native seed, read it here
  • Elevation: Lower elevations tend to be hotter, and higher elevations tend to be cooler. Our specialists know what seed varieties do best in your conditions. 
  • Sun and Shade: Different seed varieties have different amounts of sunlight they need.  
  • Rain and irrigation: All plants need water, but each one has a certain amount of water it needs.
  • Livestock or wildlife: If livestock will be grazing your land, what type of livestock will it be? Is there wildlife around? If so, what kind?

Will this seed grow here? Bamert experts will help you navigate through the necessary considerations to guide you to the best selection of seed for your project. No matter what seed you choose, you can count on Bamert’s products and expertise to help you find what will successfully grow and thrive right where you live. 


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