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The Life of a Bamert Seed

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Bamert Seed Company’s dedication to providing the best has allowed us to offer over 400 species of high-quality native grasses, forbs, and legumes. The species and varieties we produce have been carefully selected to match the soil and climatic conditions of the Southern Great Plains and beyond, making them adaptable to most areas in the […]

Understanding Soil Type: Optimizing Native Grass Growth

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Establishing native plants requires you to use high-quality, pure seeds. But before you can put those seeds into the ground, you have to know all about your soil type. An in-depth knowledge of your soil type allows you to determine the best species for your project, how much water you will need, and what kind […]

A Guide to Seeding and Establishing Native Species

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By Nicholas Demel It is difficult to overstate the many benefits that come from seeding and establishing native plant species. These species protect soil and prevent erosion, strengthen a local ecosystem by creating a natural habitat for wildlife and insects, and provide a constant food source for wildlife and livestock (whether foliage or seeds). While […]

How To Take A Soil Sample

how to take a soil sample

Transscript  Speaker 1 (00:13): You ever wonder why you need to take a soil sample? Somebody like me tells you, you need to go out and take one. It’s a lot of work. You wonder, why do I need to do that? The reason is that if you’re growing crops or plants, you don’t know […]

Calibrating A Boomless Sprayer

calibrating a boomless sprayer

Transcript  Speaker 1 (00:14): Hello, my name is James Locke. I’m a Soles and crops consultant with the Noble Foundation. What I’d like to visit with you about today is how to calibrate a boom list or boom buster type sprayer. These type sprayers are, are very common in, in range and pasture land because […]

Calibrating A Seed Drill

calibrating a seed drill

Transcript  Speaker 1 (00:11): Hi, I’m Jim Johnson Soils and Crops consultant with the Noble Foundation. Today we’re going to calibrate this grain drill to plant some cover crop seed. Many times you can use the chart under the lid of the grain drill to get the right idea of where to set the drill. […]

Don’t Waste Money by Going Cheap With Your Seed

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By Rob Cook, Director of Business Development, Bamert Seed When undertaking a reclamation, right of way, or construction project, some of the biggest concerns during and after the construction are stopping and preventing erosion, restoring the hydrology of the site, and the other site work needed to reestablish the vegetation. All of the dirt work […]

Best Food Sources and Habitats for Animals

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Butterflies, bees, and birds are drawn to these native blends because they provide food for pollinators and have beautiful aesthetics. Texas Wildflower Blend  Bird & Butterfly Blend Honey Bee Blend American Magic Wildflower Mix Deer enjoy these native blends. Many of them offer winter forage for all animals and high protein for deer. They include […]

Prescribed Burning

a prescribed burn of a field

Prescribed burning is used on many native habit types to achieve specific resource management goals and objectives. The technique that we use for burning is classified as a “ring fire.” A ring fire consists of a backfire, a flank fire, and a head fire. It’s essentially encircling the entire field in fire.  Why do we […]

Biodiversity is Key!

adding biodiversity to optimize dryland to improve natural habitats

Since the beginning of Bamert Seed Company in 1951, we have been rooted in the belief and knowledge that the market needs more diversity. In the early days of the native seed industry, blends usually consisted of a limited number of plant species. At Bamert, we’ve taken a different approach. Today you can find blends […]