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Natalie Ingle Interview

natalie ingle interview

Introduction Of Natalie Ingle Rob Cook: Good afternoon. I’m Rob Cook, director of Business Development for Bamert Seed Company. I’m here with Natalie Ingle, who is our communication liaison, which that title probably doesn’t do justice to everything Natalie has to handle, a little during the day. But Natalie, can you give us a little […]

Brian Hays Interview

brian hays interview

Introduction of Brian Hays Rob Cook: We’re here this afternoon with Brian Hays, one of our reclamation specialists. Brain, happy to, happy to have you. Brian Hays: Glad to be here. Rob: Can you gimme a little bit of, your background? Sure. Before, before you got to Bamert. Brian: So I grew up in, in […]

Manuel Cardenas Interview

manuel cardenas interview

Introduction of Manuel Cardenas Brett Bamert: Hello, I’m Brett Bamert with Bamert Seed Company, and today we have Manuel with us. Manuel, would you like to introduce yourself? Manuel Cardenas: Well, I’m Manuel Cardenas. I’ve been with Bamert Seed for almost going on six years, previously, to being here. I did uh, about 10 to […]

Nicholas Demel Interview

nicholas demel interview

Introduction of Nicholas Demel Rob Cook: We’re here today and to visit with, Nicholas Demel a little bit about, his job and Bamert Seed as a whole. But Nicholas, would you introduce yourself? Tell us a little bit about your title and your, your background. Nicholas Demel: My name’s Nicholas Demel. I grew up in […]

Jeff King Interview

jeff king interview

Introduction of Jeff Brett Bamert: I am Brett Bamert, president of Bamert Seed Company, and today I’m here with Jeff. Jeff, would you like to introduce yourself? Jeff King: You bet. Thanks, Brett. I’m, Jeff King. I’m the production manager here. I came on board in 2017. My background is in, what we would kind […]

Rob Cook Interview

rob cook interview

Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself Brett Bamert: I’m Brett Bamert, president of Bamert Seed Company, and I’m here today with Rob Cook. Rob, would you tell us a little bit about yourself and, your experience? Rob Cook: Sure. Brett. Yeah, thank you. I’m, I’m Rob Cook, director of business development here at Bamert […]

Brett Bamert Interview

brett bamert interview

Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself Rob Cook: I’m Rob Cook with Bamert Seed Company. I’m the Director of Business Development. And, we’re gonna visit a little bit today with, with Brett. Brett, you wanna tell us a little bit about yourself, a little bit of your background and kind of how you came […]

James Locke Interview

james locke interview

Introducing : James Locke James: So, my name’s James Locke. I’m, I grew up in Lubbock, Texas. I was the son of a psychologist. So naturally, I decided I wanted to go into agriculture, <laugh>. My, my mother’s family had a farm that I just grew up, loved agriculture. But coming from the city background, […]

Nick Bamert Interview

nick bamert interview

Brett Bamert: Hello, I’m Brett Bamert with, Bamert Seed Company. Nick Bamert: And I’m Nick Bamert, Bamert Seed Company. The History & Culture of Bamert Seed Company Brett: And today we’re here to ask Nick a couple of questions. So, first question I’ve got, is can you share a little bit about the history and […]

How To Take A Soil Sample

how to take a soil sample

Transscript¬† Speaker 1 (00:13): You ever wonder why you need to take a soil sample? Somebody like me tells you, you need to go out and take one. It’s a lot of work. You wonder, why do I need to do that? The reason is that if you’re growing crops or plants, you don’t know […]