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Is Irrigation Necessary When Establishing Native Grasses?

Many of our customers have begun planting native grasses, and one of the most common questions we get this time of year is “How much do I need to irrigate?”. Because this question is so common and so important, we wanted to address it thoroughly.  It’s important to know how much irrigation is required when […]

What is Pure Live Seed (PLS) for Reclamation Projects?

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While reclamation projects have no set window or time frame, they are more frequent in the spring. A successful planting and establishment is necessary to move on to your next project. This makes buying and planting high-quality seeds a crucial component of successful reclamation. However, choosing the right seeds can be confusing, especially when you’re […]

The Southeast Texas Native Seed Mix

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Southeast Texas is an area with a unique ecological challenge. It’s an area that can be plagued by periods of significant wet and dry, making it difficult to identify the steps to take to achieve ecological balance.  However, it’s just the kind of challenge that native seed was grown to solve, and we were honored […]

Grow with Us: Take Our Survey & Get Free Shipping

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We want to make sure that the content we offer you online through our blog, emails, social, and more, fits your needs.  With that in mind, our team has created a short survey. It should not take more than five minutes to fill out. (We’ve tested it). Take the Survey Here This survey will provide […]

Winter Planning for Spring Reclamation & Conservation Projects

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Mother Nature always knows best. As much as possible, we try to follow her lead and learn from her example. One of her best lessons is the importance of rest, both for the land and for us. While a season of dormancy might feel counterproductive, it leads to growth. During the cold winter months, the […]

Reclamation Project Planning with Seed-Spec

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Quickly and Easily Identify Site-Specific Native Seed Blends Reclamation projects are complex scenarios. Beyond managing crews, deadlines, and budgets, there is the importance of identifying the right species for a location. Many regulations around reclamation or revegetation require that an operator or land owner submit a reclamation plan well in advance. But how do you […]

Cover Crops and Nurse Crops for Reclamation and Revegetation

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One of the many lessons learned from Mother Nature is the importance of seasons. Her natural cycles of germination, growth and fruition, harvest, and rest (or dormancy) prove to be as close to perfect as possible in cultivating healthy stands of grasses, forbs, and legumes; to providing wildlife with appropriate nutrition and shelter at the […]

Planting Native Wildflowers: Why Fall is the Best Season

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While Summer heat hasn’t shown any signs of letting up for many of us in the Southwest regions of the U.S., we know that colorful leaves and crisp air are just around the corner. But today, we want to talk about…Spring! Why? Well, it’s age-old wisdom, one endorsed by Mother Nature herself: you reap what […]

Create Wildlife Habitat Using Native Grasses and Forbs

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It’s difficult to imagine a more peaceful mental image than looking out from your back porch watching prairie grasses swaying gently in the breeze while local wildlife put on a show:  birds chirping, deer grazing in the distance, bees buzzing lazily, frogs croaking. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a pheasant in the distance. […]

Combatting Drought with Native Grasses

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These days, it feels like we’re always hearing about droughts somewhere: California, Utah, the Great Plains – regions all across the U.S. have issues with the loss of water and rivers and lakes down. Even with recent rainfall this year, water is still a critical issue.  While there is more to dealing with water scarcity […]