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The Southeast Texas Native Seed Mix

Southeast Texas is an area with a unique ecological challenge. It’s an area that can be plagued by periods of significant wet and dry, making it difficult to identify the steps to take to achieve ecological balance. 

However, it’s just the kind of challenge that native seed was grown to solve, and we were honored to have the opportunity to collaborate in developing a blend that will serve the region of Southeast Texas in any season. 

If you follow us on social media, you might have seen the announcement of the Southeast Texas Native Seed Mix. This carefully curated collection of native grasses is not just about enhancing the aesthetic appeal of Southeast Texas; it’s a strategic move toward addressing critical regional challenges like floods and droughts.

Traditionally, Houston’s parks and green spaces have been dominated by non-native grasses like Saint Augustine and Bermuda grass. While these offer a lush green cover, their contribution towards environmental stability, particularly in flood and drought conditions, is limited. 

Recognizing this gap, environmentalists and local leaders have been advocating for a shift towards native plant species. This call led to the development of the Southeast Texas Native Seed Mix.

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Benefits of the Southeast Texas Native Seed Mix

This mix is a powerhouse of benefits tailored to the unique climatic and soil conditions of the Gulf-Houston Region. Key advantages of this mix include:

  • Erosion Control: Particularly effective along riparian corridors.
  • Enhanced Water Absorption: Replaces less resilient non-native grasses, helping in better water management.
  • Improved Habitat: Supports a diverse range of wildlife and pollinators, while also providing aesthetic value for community enjoyment.
  • Climate Resilience: Offers increased adaptability to climate-related changes in the region.

Collaboration and Development of the Southeast Texas Native Seed

The creation of this seed mix is a testament to the power of collaboration. The Regional Access to Native Seed Mix (RANSM) Coalition, of which Bamert Seed Company is a proud member, played a pivotal role in leading this initiative. Extensive research, including planting individual plots of various species and analyzing their performance, culminated in the selection of the most suitable species for the mix.

The SET NSM represents a collective effort of many stakeholders within the region and throughout the state (and beyond). One of the most exciting things about this endeavor is the success that can be achieved by uniting so many great minds around one common goal. 

Learn more about the RANSM Coalition here.

Applications and Implementation of the Southeast Texas Native Seed Mix

Initially, these seeds are set to transform large public works projects and aid commercial developers in creating green spaces that are both functional and environmentally conscious. This native prairie blend is comprised of native grasses like Indiangrass and Little Bluestem, as well as forbs and legumes like Little Barley, Sunrise Ashy Sunflower, and Herbaceous Mimosa. These species put down deep roots and can thrive in many of the conditions common in Southeast Texas.

The Future of Flood and Drought Management

The Southeast Texas Native Seed Mix is more than a landscaping trend or interesting endeavor; it’s a forward-thinking approach to urban planning and environmental conservation. Local officials and environmentalists are optimistic about its role in building a soil anchor during floods and contributing to a more sustainable urban ecosystem.

The seed mix, currently featuring six varieties with plans to expand, is available to the general public and governmental agencies. This initiative, funded through flood control bonds, is a step towards making eco-friendly landscaping accessible to all.

The introduction of the Southeast Texas Native Seed Mix is a milestone in regional ecological conservation. It represents a shift in how we view and interact with our natural environment – one that embraces the benefits of native species.

Learn more about this innovative solution and join us in paving the way for a more resilient future. Shop the Southeast Texas Native Seed Mix here.


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