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Using Buffalograss as a Lawn

If you need a viable drought resistant option for your lawn, it’s time to think about Buffalograss. Here at Bamert, we back Buffalograss because we know your lawn is an important part of your outdoor relaxation and lifestyle. From hosting backyard barbecues to providing a relaxing backdrop for that morning cup of coffee, your lawn needs to be lush, yet drought resistant.

It’s difficult for your lawn to have both these features in a region with watering restrictions, but Bamert is ready to show you how to conserve water and still have the lawn of your dreams.

Bamert’s Topgun and Texoka are warm season, native, perennial, sod-forming Buffalograsses that create a wonderful lawn. Topgun reaches four to six inches in height with a rich blue-green shade, while Texoka grows six to eight inches in height with a touch of light blue-green color. While it takes extra moisture as they establish during the initial four weeks of growth, you are able to taper off to water only as needed after that point.

Bamert is not only confident in drought resistance of our buffalograsses, but also the lush landscape your yard will enjoy. That’s because buffalograss actually re-propagates itself, spreading by stolons, to nicely fill in a tight knit lawn. 

Buffalograss has separate male and female plants. The male plants have flag-like flowers that rise above the leaves, while the female plants will have a knot-like seed, called a bur, down among the leaves.  
Don’t just take our word for it. One Bamert customer replaced his fescue lawn with Topgun Buffalograss. The city actually paid him a visit to see if he was minding the water ration restriction because his lawn was green and thriving despite his adherence to the water restriction rules, while his neighbors’ lawns were dormant. Another homeowner in the Panhandle of Texas had a water well that continually went dry. Once a Buffalograss lawn was established, he reduced the irrigation to his lawn, and the well never went dry again because he was able to conserve water. Buffalograss is truly amazing and drought tolerant.

Buffalograss is more than just a one-season solution as it thrives in areas that fight drought year after year. An added bonus from this grass is a lower water bill compared to lawns with other turf species. Perhaps best of all, these varieties are low maintenance. Shorter growing height means less mowing. It is also great for erosion control purposes.

There’s no need to compromise on beauty if you need to landscape with a lawn that’s drought resistant.  Whether you’re establishing a new home, or needing to start anew, think Buffalograss. Create your own backyard haven that invites nature, provides comfort, and meets your conservation goals.


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