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Whiplash Pappusgrass

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Planting Rate: 2-3 pounds PLS per acre

Latin Name: Pappophorum vaginatum (Buckley)

Longevity: Perennial

Season: Warm

Origin: Native


  • Includes four distinct populations of whiplash pappusgrass, each increased in isolation to maintain genetic diversity of the wild populations.
  • Features green foliage with a white-colored spikelet.
  • In West Texas, it will grow 3-5 feet tall and will produce seed continuously from May to first frost.
  • Recommended for critical site revegetation, roadside plantings, erosion control, and for inclusion in range seeding mixes. 
  • Provides quick cover in loam and clay loam soils.
  • Areas planted to Permian Germplasm should be deferred from grazing until plants are well established. 
  • No severe insect or disease problems have been observed in whiplash pappusgrass once established.

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