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The Big Four: Little Bluestem

little bluestem

Reclamation projects rely on little bluestem because it grows easily and takes hold in a variety of soil types.  Little Bluestem’s Latin name is Schizachyrium scoparium. It is a member of the “big four” grasses. Recognized as the state grass of both Kansas and Nebraska, it is easy to spot in the pasture throughout the […]

The Big Four: Switchgrass


We’re turning our conversation toward a member of the “big four” grasses of the true Tallgrass Prairie, Switchgrass — Latin name Panicum Virgatum. It is one of the most versatile members of the club. A native, warm-season perennial bunchgrass, it matures to about 3 to 6 feet tall. It has a distinctive bluish to bluish-green […]

Big Bluestem: One of The Big Four Grasses

Big Bluestem

Big bluestem — a member of the “big four” grasses of the Tallgrass Prairie — is in demand by range managers because it is not seen as much in rangelands as it once was. When Big Bluestem—Latin name Andropogon gerardii—takes hold on rangeland, you can rest assured the ecosystem is effectively managed.  Why is this […]

The Big Four: Indiangrass


To the untrained eye, the grasses delicately dancing in the wind across the prairies of the heartland may appear all the same, or a mixture of too many to name. However, there are actually four dominant species in the true tallgrass prairie: Little Bluestem, Big Bluestem, Indiangrass, and Switchgrass. These four grasses are usually found […]