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GUARANTEE: Bamert Seed Company guarantees its seed to be of promised quality and true to name as specified. Should seed prove to be other than labeled, liability shall be limited to replacement or refund of purchase price.

SELLER MAKES NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF ANY SORT INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY FITNESS OR YIELD. The terms of this notice cannot be varied by any verbal or written agreement. By accepting delivery of the product, Buyer agrees that these terms are part of the consideration of the sale. Product not accepted on these terms must be returned within ten (10) days in the original, unopened container and the purchase price will be refunded.

NOTICE OF REQUIRED ARBITRATION: Under notice of the seed laws of several states, arbitration, meditation of conciliation is required as a prerequisite to maintaining a legal action based upon the failure of seed, to which this notice is attached, to produce as represented. The consumer shall file a complaint along with the required filing fee (where applicable) with the seed permit, or Chief Agricultural officer within such time as to permit inspection of the crop by the designated agency and the seedsman from whom the seed was purchased. A copy of the complaint shall be sent to the seller by certified or registered mail or as otherwise provided by the state statute.

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